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Therapeutic Massages Are For Everyone everyone needs a massageHere at Amelia Island Massages, (short for Amelia Massage!) we enjoy a wonderfully diverse clientele from expectant mothers and babies to seniors. The palate includes young newly weds-post wedding ceremonies-desiring to relax into their first year of wedded bliss; overloaded middle age career executives who have forgotten how to relax, but are earning big bucks; serious recreational weekend warriors frequently finding themselves on the injured list; seniors who have been there, done that and now seek to improve the quality of their lives through therapeutic massage and bodywork.

The latter group is increasing, partly due to the sheer numbers of baby boomers and retirees, and partly because of an awareness of what massage can do for seniors.

We all recognize that aging is not for sissies and otherwise, is unavoidable-if we are lucky enough to age. The good news about aging is that we can take steps to improve and maintain our strength, flexibility, coordination, energy, and mental well-being no matter how many birthdays we’ve celebrated.

Ask our 65-80 plus age group. Golf scores improve, bike rides net more than a wobbly trip around the cul-de-sac, breathing during swimming becomes easier and deeper, and that Arthur Ritis guy no longer wears out his welcome. Grinning from ear-to-ear and feeling great from head-to-toe, seniors can’t wait to schedule the next appointment.

What’s not to love about therapeutic massage? It is an honored tradition. Ancient Chinese, Egyptian, Japanese, and Arab medical literatures frequently refer to massage as a health treatment.

History tells us that Hippocrates prescribed massage for patients and athletes. Today, therapeutic massage and bodywork is routinely prescribed for relaxation and health in Europe, Asia, Canada, and increasingly (yes!) in America.

Many licensed massage therapists have extensive training that includes techniques, anatomy and physiology, and most important, the knowledge of when and when not to massage. Advanced training and certification in Lymphatic Drainage, for example, is one growing area of need, especially for seniors, and this expertise was recently added to our practice.

Help for Specific Problems

Research shows that massage loosens muscle tension, increases circulation, and calms the nervous system.

Specific Benefits of Massage for You:

* Relieves pain from tight, overworked muscles.
* Improves mobility of joints.
* Improves posture and coordination
* Relieves dry, itchy skin
* Deepens sleep
* Reduces swelling
* Heals injuries faster
* Calms the body and mind
* Increases vitality, energy, and mental alertness

Important to Know:

Frequency is usually more important than the length of each massage.
Because the effects of excess stress and/or wear and tear on the body and mind can be cumulative, managing stress becomes increasingly important with age.

Trivia Question:

When was your last massage?

Nancy Shores, LMT, Esthetician

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