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Pain Management/Adjunct Therapies

Chronic pain affects an estimated 80 million Americans. It also causes many unpleasant side effects, including marital and family problems, sleeping difficulties, depression, fatigue and weight gain. As a result, allopathic and alternative treatments for pain—including acupuncture, chiropractic, massage and pain clinics—have spawned the evolution of a huge industry. In the United States alone, conventional medical treatments for pain constitute a multibillion-dollar industry. Despite the size of this industry, and the expertise involved, patient results are often unsatisfactory because Pain Management is still applied too local without consideration for the belief that pain usually has several different sources and, therefore, requires a multi-system approach to produce long-term effects on patients.


  • A 30 minute E-Stim treatment (or non invasive ETPS therapy) $30
  • A 60 minute Electro Magnetic heat & herbs $60
  • A 30 minute Chinese Suction Cup Treatment $30
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    Electrical Stimulation to strengthen muscles

    E-Stim Treatment

    Neuropathic E-Stim Therapy is a non-invasive, practical approach to chronic pain management using E-Stim (ETPS or Electrotherapy Point Stimulation) applied to trigger, motor and acupressure points. Developed by our instructor, Practitioner Bruce R. Hocking, ETPS Therapy combines ancient healing philosophies with modern technology in order to manage and control chronic pain. According to E-T-P-S education, …

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    The TDP mineral lamp therapy

    Heat, Herbal & Tissue

    Treatment with E-Stim, the TDP Electromagnetic Heat Lamp (“The Miracle Lamp”) and Herbs, has been shown to be very effective in alleviating pain caused by a wide variety of ailments such as chronically overworked or strained muscles but also helps to re-balance and open blocked energy lines within the body. This healing protocol, invented and …

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    Suction Therapy at Amelia Island Massages

    Suction Cup Treatment

    The Complementary and Alternative Health Community has developed a renewed interest and respect for one of the most ancient of therapeutic practices: Cupping or Suction Cup Therapy. Suction cup therapy has been around for more than 5000 years – invented, before acupuncture. This traditional therapy is a time-honored treatment that remains favored by millions of …

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