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Ask If Your Massage Therapist Is Licensed

Florida Massage License VerificationKnow the facts. Serious damage to the body can occur if massage therapy is done inappropriately or by someone not appropriately trained.
Do not risk your health. Always make sure that your massage therapist and the massage establishment (not massage parlor, please!) are licensed.
State regulatory agencies vary in regard to specific requirements and protocols for certifications, registrations and licensures for massage therapists. In this region of the country, the States of Florida and Georgia, do require licensures to work as professional massage practitioners. Some states are unregulated, but the list for ensuing regulation is growing. Other than therapists being required to pay more fees to the state, this is a good thing. Why? It helps to protect you, John Q. Public, from unethical or unsafe practices.

To ensure your safety the Board of Massage Therapy, under the Florida Department of Health, Division of Medical Quality Assurance, is responsible for establishing and enforcing health care standards for the practice of massage therapy. The Board reviews applications to ensure all criteria and requirements for licensure have been met. They initiate investigations and take disciplinary actions when appropriate to ensure the safety of all people in Florida. To review the Massage Therapy Practice Act, visit the Board’s website or call 850-488-0595 to request a copy.

How can you assure that your massage therapist (FL, LMT) is licensed?

•    Ask to see their current massage license and/or establishment license
•    Check online at
•    Look for their license (MA) and establishment (MM) numbers in any advertisement for their services. This is required by law.

You should always make sure that you have a qualified therapist. Call the FL Department of Health toll-free at 1-877-425-8852 to report unlicensed activity.

Nancy Shores, LMT

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