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I’m a pretty big guy and even though I have enjoyed massages all my life, I never really felt the deep tissue pleasure that come with an Ashiatsu Therapy. Michael is a true expert at using his feet to reach every hidden muscle. Sure, since I’m a active work out enthusiast, he sometimes discovers muscles I didn’t know I had. But they feel magnificent after he is done with his magic on the bars.


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  1. Kent Hamb

    I have been having massages with Nancy and Michael Shores at Amelia Massage for 9 years. They are true professionals and have helped me with many chronic pain related issues, i.e. neck pain, back pain, foot pain, just to name a few. Both Nancy and Michael are so up to date and educated about what they do. They are my security blanket — every time an area hurts for more than a few days, I call them and make an appointment. I am always given an appointment promptly and have never left their offices without feeling so much better. As long as they are in business, I will NEVER have a massage from anyone else.

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