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Aromatherapy for Sinus Relief

Aromatherapy oilsSinus pressure and headaches are frequent complaints we hear this time of the year. Many of our clients are experiencing the discomfort stemming  from a seasonal overload of pollen and in some cases, the recent environmental pollutants blowing into northeast Florida from the forest fires in the Okefenokee.While we can’t control Mother Nature, we can provide sinus pain relief through Aromatherapy, which is not new to the world. The use of plants and their oils has been used to heal and beautify the body for over 10,000 years.
Whether ingested, absorbed through the skin, or simply inhaled, plant aromas are known to have an effect on the body, mind and emotions.

Today, according to the book “Aromatherapy and You” by Alexandra Avery, the study of aromas has been elevated to a science which employs the balancing and beautifying properties of pure herbal and floral essences to enhance the condition of the skin, hair, mind, and indeed, the environment.

We’ve achieved positive results for our clients through years of studying and blending essential oils prepared specifically for the client’s complaint or symptom(s). For example, by mixing carefully determined and measured amounts of Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Rosemary and Geranium, we have created a blend that has become our signature aroma for sinus relief. It is not only effective, but it has a not too sweet fragrance which is pleasing to all-an added value for those who are not suffering from sinus pain but simply wish to experience something unique.

For more information, read: A Complete Guide to Understanding & Using
Aromatherapy by Roberta Wilson and Aromatherapy and You by Alexandra Avery.

Nancy Shores, LMT, Esthetician

“The olfactory sense is an intricate part of everyday life. The moods you express are directly related to the fragrances surrounding you.”
John E. Porter

Author’s Note:
Several years ago I received a relaxation massage that included Cedar aroma. Cedar is not an aroma that I would normally choose for myself, but the massage therapist knew my childhood background and made the choice for me. About thirty minutes into the massage, I went away. I went to my favorite grandmother’s house, the place where my fondest childhood memories were made. Finding myself just five years old again, I was exploring family keepsakes in Granny’s special chest-a Cedar chest-where treasures are, still.

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