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You may contact us between Monday and Saturday from 8:30am until 6:00pm

by calling (904) 261-0622

email us with a reservation request or questions at 
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  1. Deb Cottle

    WOW! I’ve been going to Nancy & Michael Shores for many years on a regular basis, but yesterday’s session was over the top. Between the reflexology techniques, deep tissue massage, and lavender aroma, my body felt as if it levitated to another level. The two of them are the finest therapists around, and truly care about their client’s needs and issues. Not to mention they provide RESULTS to problems, not just make you feel good temporarily. Although that’s nice too! They do it all! I’m grateful to have them in my life!

  2. bruce buchanan

    I don’t know how many years I have been seeing Michael on a regular weekly basis for Ashiatsu, but, he has helped me stay active all these years and I hope will continue to do so

  3. Lisa Chaffman

    Michael is the best massage therapist. I have had so many problems with the arch of my foot for a year now. I have been to see so many massage therapists and doctors to no avail. Michael found the right technique that has greatly improved the quality of my life. I wasn’t even able to walk on my foot. After Michael worked on it, I have been walking 3 miles everyday. I continue to see him regularly to keep my foot in good condition. I am so thankful to Michael and Amelia Island Massages.

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