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Code of Ethics

As proud members of the Florida State Massage Therapy Association, we’d like to share with you the FSMTA Code of Ethics. This is a declaration of the principles of acceptable, ethical, and professional behavior of the members of the FSMTA. The conduct of its members shall be consistent with all applicable federal, state, and local laws.

As members of this association, Licensed Massage Therapists shall:

•    Honestly represent their education and certifications, and maintain their professional excellence through continuing education.
•    Formulate treatment plans that are beneficial to the client/patient’s health and well-being.
•    Describe their massage therapy treatment and their intended draping procedures to each client/patient.
•    Respect the client/patient’s right to continue, modify or discontinue massage therapy any time, and respect the client’s choice.
•    Recognize the scope of massage therapy and refer to other health care professionals when appropriate for the client/patient’s health and well-being.
•    Provide quality care to those who seek professional massage therapy and maintain high standards of professional competence.
•    Maintain honest and accurate records.
•    Maintain a clean, professional environment and high standards of personal hygiene.
•    Never exchange in any sexual conduct involving clients/patients.
•    Advertise accurately and with professional integrity.
•    Administer all treatments in a professional manner with respect for the client/patient’s confidentiality, boundaries, safety, and privacy.

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